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Request for Laptops and Tablets for Kids

We are looking for working laptops and tablets that we can help get to needy kids to support them and their families with online learning. There is a massive shortage of laptops during a lockdown, every little bit of help goes a long way to making things better.

We have also been approached by - they may take computers outside our requirements and they're doing sterling work getting computers out as well, so please show them your support.

If you are after a laptop, we are not distributing them, so please give Julie Gooding a shout as she's making links with the schools to provide them directly to those who need them and she may be able to sort you out.

Thank you to Simon Harris for his fundraising, we are looking to use the funds raised to buy some laptops. If you want to further support us, you can directly support us and add giftaid via

What are we looking for?

  • laptops that have been running Windows 7 or newer, with a webcam and come complete with a power cable. That said if you have a broken new (3ish years or newer) laptop we may be able to repair those for schools as we do have a fund for this sort of thing. Please contact me first though!
  • Working tablets with a charging cable, functional un-cracked screen. For IOS we need version 8.0+ and Android we need version 5.0+ for Zoom and Microsoft Teams to work as schools use this software.
  • We may be able to take working desktops but only if they come with a screen, keyboard and mouse and again, need to run windows 7 or greater.

Please Note

With all devices make sure you have taken off anything you need as we will be running a low level format on it which securely destroys data - this takes around 12-24hrs. Please leave a bit of paper with any passwords on the devices if you can.

Other Donations Accepted

We'd dearly love to repair all your broken devices out there and may be able to when we start our repair cafe - but at the moment we're trying to focus on getting the best out of our volunteers.


If you wish to volunteer to help out, can you join us on our discord server & join the laptops4kids channel.