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What is discord

Discord is a chatroom & stream of conciousness from our members. Anyone can join and it's completely free. There are a series of channels denoted by a #

For instance #cnc is about CNCs and #laser-cutting is about laser cutting. #general is where the majority of general or offtopic talking is conducted.

You can join discord by clicking here

Members & Hackers

When you join you will be put into #welcome channel. You need to prove you're a real person so please tell us who you are, where you're from and we'll promote you to "membership". This means you can see the channels and post, but you cannot see #member-chat.

When you have joined the hackspace you'll be promoted to "hacker" and will be able to see the #member-chat. An active subscription is not required to access #member-chat.

Discord Bot

Increasingly more of the hackspace is controlled by the discord bot!

Type !eeh help in #general or #member-chat to get a list of the current commands.

Currently it consists of:

Help Commands:

 !eeh 3dprint                              - List of 3d printers and status
 !eeh botwatcher                           - Botwatcher
 !eeh donate                               - How to help us financially
 !eeh facebook                             - Facebook Group
 !eeh status                               - Status
 !eeh todo                                 - List of things the hackspace needs help with
 !eeh web                                  - Website
 !eeh wifi                                 - Wifi details
 !eeh wiki                                 - EEH Wiki
 !eeh www                                  - Website
 !eeh cnc                                  - Web interface for controlling the Ooznest CNC

Members Only:

 !eeh gatecode                             - Display car park gatecode
 !eeh lightburn                            - Display lightburn purchase discount code
 !eeh vcarve                               - Display VCarve Pro Licence

Admins Only:

 !eeh camera list                          - Display list of cameras
 !eeh camera snapshot <camera-name>        - Take a snapshot of the picture
 !eeh camera url                           - URL of Snapshots
 !eeh dhcp                                 - DHCP Leases
 !eeh sec scan                             - Perform a inwards facing security scan
 !eeh server df                            - Display EEH server storage information
 !eeh server free                          - Display EEH server memory information
 !eeh server uptime                        - Display EEH server uptime
 !eeh wifi-infra                           - Infrastructure Wifi details