How to Financially Help Us

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There are a number of ways you can financially help us.

  • Direct donations of cash
  • Becoming a member and a subscriber
  • Making purchases from some online retailers

Direct Donations

This can be made online using JustGiving (preferably) or PayPal. JustGiving handles GiftAid (if you are entitled to it) which boost your donation by an additional 25% which is very significant.

You can also donate money by putting it in any of the donation tins within the space. If you can, put in an envelope and let us know who you are - that way we can thank you!

You can donate online using these links:

Indirect Ways to Help Us

Amazon Purchases

Amazon has a scheme called AmazonSmile which allows you shop like normal and have 1-2% of your purchase price donated to East Essex Hackspace. There is no cost to you, and you still get the best price from Amazon purchases. You firstly need to choose EEH as your desired charity, and secondly, all purchases need to be made from rather than the normal website.

To select EEH as your desired charity visit the below link and then select us.

Then next time you are shopping on amazon, just before you go to the checkout, change the url in the address bar to have smile at the beginning, then complete your purchase.

Mobile App

If you make purchases using the Amazon app on your tablet or phone, you will need to configure EEH as your chosen charity in there too.

AmazonSmile renewal happens twice a year and Amazon will remind you about it.

To enable Amazon Smile for EEH in the app, or check your current AmazonSmile status:


1. Open the Amazon Shopping app on your phone

2. Choose 'Settings' in the main menu (☰)

3. Choose 'Gifting and Charity'

4. Choose 'AmazonSmile'

5. Make sure Mobile App is 'ON'

Amazon Smile App - Android.png
Apple iOS

1. Open the Amazon Shopping app on your phone

2. Search for 'amazon smile' in the search bar

3. Click the Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile App - iOS - Search.png

4. Make sure Mobile App is 'ON'

Amazon Smile App - iOS - Settings.png