6090 ManTech Laser

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General Info

The 6090 ManTech Laser was bought in 2020 as a crowdfunded response to COVID-19 to produce face shields for the NHS. It produced around 4,500 at a rate of 400 per day.


  • 600x900 bed
  • 80w CO2 Tube
  • CW-3000 passive cooler.
  • 720m3 6" Systemair RVK Extraction Fan
  • Air Assist
  • Motorised Z Axis (30cm depth)
  • Y-Axis rotational mount
  • RUIDA 644XG Controller


The laser has a number of safety cut outs which prevent the laser working in the event a user tries to use the machine without the necessary protections in place.

  • Please ensure the CW-3000 cooler is on and is showing a temperature less than 25'C and above 10'C
  • Both extractor and air assist must be on to prevent damage to the lens. Tip: If it's not really noisy in the laser room, they're probably off.
  • Please leave the laser bed clean and clear.
  • If something doesn't seem right turn it off using the keys and stick the Out of Service label on it (this is much preferable to damaging the machine unintentionally)

Steps for operation.

  1. ) ensure "fan / air pump" switch is turned clockwise
  2. ) ensure CW-3000 is on and temperature is less than 25'C and above 10'C
  3. ) ensure "panel" is on.
  4. ) ensure emergency button is not depressed
  5. ) turn on laser using big red switch on front panel
  6. ) press the "on" button"

Laser will now centre to the top right (home).

To move the origin, use the arrows to where you want the origin to be and press "origin".

To move the Z axis, press the button in the centre of the arrow keys and press Z/U. The menu will present and use the enter button to select the Z option. Now use the up down arrows to adjust the height of the Z. Optimal cutting of the laser which is a 50.6mm focal lens is 6mm from the bottom of the air assist cone.

Rotational Y-Axis

Not yet been tested, however it has a connection point inside the laser with a toggle switch on the right hand side which will override the Y axis for engraving glass.


There is a computer with a Licenced version of LightBurn. Lightburn has an offer with East Essex Hackspace to provide DSP based licences at 75% off for an additional $20 per licence. You can also get a free 30d trial version of lightburn from lightburns website. This will enable you to setup a project before turning up to use the laser.

If there is a queue, please do not use the laser computer to design your project.


The laser will cut non metal and non chlorine based products.

Material List
Material Type Engrave/Cut Thickness Speed Max Power Min Power Notes
Delrin Cut 10mm 2.5 90 10 Will reseal round cut. Can need to be pushed out.
Delrin Engrave 10mm 80 40 25 Depth suitable for leather stamping
Vegtan Leather Cut 2.5mm 10 60 60 Will need covering with masking tape to prevent damaging surface.
Vegtan Leather Engrave 2.5mm 100 15 15 Will need covering with masking tape to prevent damaging surface.
Birch Ply Cut 2mm 25 45 45
Birch Ply Engrave 2mm 100 12 10
Polypropylene Cut 0.5mm 40 37 20
Polypropylene Engrave 0.5mm 90 11 5