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Startrite 351 Bandsaw

The Startrite 351 is a 102" blade bandsaw.

Bandsaws are substantially safer than table saws, however do not become complacent as this bandsaw easily has the ability to remove digits from the unwary.


The bandsaw is on loan from a member.

Please only use 102" or 2591mm blades. Maximum size recommended is 1/2" blades.

Grinding sounds usually mean the blade is biting into the machine. Please put it out of use if it does this.

The machine is single speed with no adjustment possible. Manual is Manual.pdf


Please note that the machine has a number of safety lockouts. Under no circumstances should these be bypassed by anyone. Doing so is a noteable offence.

Safety Features

Lockouts - these protect the bandsaw blades from exiting the machine. The machine will not switch on without both doors being closed.

Blade guides - these guides must be adjusted to the thickness of the blade. Please ensure they run true with no resistance if you're changing blades.

Blade Guard - do not remove this. If you are cutting something bigger than the blade guard allows, you are overloading the motor.