Ender-5 Plus

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General Info

There is an Ender-5 Plus 3D printer at the Hackspace. This is a printer with a larger than usual build volume well suited to larger prints. Be aware large prints may take many hours to complete and you should never leave the printer unattended. Please take this into account when planning a print, especially a larger one.


  • Print Area: 350mm x 350mm x 400mm
  • Filament Size: standard 1.75 mm

Using the Ender-5 Plus

The Ender-5 Plus is accessible to all members following a 3D printing induction or demonstration of existing knowledge of the process.

Powering on and accessing the printer

Insert your SD card containing your 'sliced' file before switching the printer on. The Ender-5 plus has an on/off switch on the side of the power supply in the bottom of the printer. The printer is controlled through the front panel touchscreen.

Slicing for printing

In common with most 3D printers, you must convert your 3D design file (STL, 3MF etc.) into a set of commands specific to the type of machine you wish to print on. For the Ender-5 Plus, this is "Cura", installed on the computers in the PC Lab (TBC).

Copy the sliced filed to your SD card and carefully insert it into the slot on the printer (contact side up) before switching on the printer.

Removing your print from the print bed


Potential problems and solutions



Once you are finished, simply remove your SD card from the printer and switch it off.

Loading & unloading filament