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We have a small forge.

Hackspace Specific Information

The forge may only be used outside. There is propane in the gas cage for this purpose.

You must make time for the forge to return to ambient before returning it inside. Our hotworks insurance is a privilege not a right!

You must ensure that you conduct these activities without causing issues with the general public and during socialable hours. Night working is not acceptable or sociable - please respect our neighbours.


The same gloves in use for the welding should be used in conjunction with the forge. A bucket with fresh water should be used with the forge at all times. This can be used to cool parts but also to ensure safety should a fire start on or near the field. A CO2 extinguisher is supplied specifically for use with the forge as well.


  • ensuring the area is clear and tidy
  • method of working
  • safe use of tool & connection of gas
  • safe handling of propane, placement of bottle, connection and forge lighting procedure.
  • basic use of tool
  • materials not to forge (galvanised/zinc based)
  • cooldown and cleanup

Prior to commencement

  • ensuring setup is safe and delineation of area from public
  • ensure area is clear and all flammables have been removed
  • ensure gas is safely connected


  • Return bottle to cage & weigh - Let trustees know if bottle is empty. A donation for use is expected. Bear in mind a full bottle is £40 at current prices.
  • Ensure forge has cooled sufficiently for storage.
  • Return any forging tools back to the space & clear up any mess.