Frequently Asked Questions

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My <insert household gizmo> is broken. Can you fix it for me please?
As a Hackspace we are not in a position to offer a repair service. Our purpose is more to provide access to tools and knowledge for members to be able to make, create and invent things for themselves or to enable them to repair things for themselves. If you would like to join the Hackspace we may be able to help you learn how to fix your <insert household gizmo> for yourself. We are aspiring to offer “Repair Cafes” sometime in the future. These are events where the public can bring broken things to the Repair Cafe and experts will try to help fix or repair the device for you. Usually there are a limited number of bookable slots for the Repair Cafe. If you would like to organise a Repair Cafe at the space you are most welcome to.
Can you help me make <this exciting new thing> please?
We can, or rather we can help you to gain the skills and knowledge to make one for yourself. Our members come from different backgrounds and have numerous skills, just ask for help on Discord and someone can often give you some advice.
Can you make <this thing> for me please?
Usually our answer has to be “Sorry, no we can’t.” We aren’t really set up as a manufacturing facility for commissions from the Public. Our aim, as a Hackspace, is to provide a facility for the community to make things for themselves and for people to learn new skills so that they can make things for themselves.