Record Power Coronet Herald Wood Turning Lathe

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The following section is under development. Any questions on this subject please ask the discord.

The Coronet Herald Wood Turning Lathe is located in the Woodworking Workshop and is owned by one of the members Scott Window, who has provided it for use by the hackspace on an indefinite basis. The Wood Turning Lathe is a dangerous piece of equipment that should only be used by members who are inducted on it and are familiar with the tool and processes to use it safely.

The below information is provided as a quick reference guide and the instruction manual should always be consulted if unclear.

Record Power Coronet Herald Lathe


Variable Data Notes
Voltage 230V
Frequency 50Hz
Motor Output P1 1kW Refer to manual for definition of P1
Motor Output P2 0.75kW Refer to manual for definition of P2
Motor Speed 3000rpm Spindle speed adjustable but altering gear ratios
Full Load Current 5A
Max Bowl Diameter 533mm (21") Additional accessory required - Coming soon)
Max. Between Centres 508mm (20") Additional bed extension not currently purchased
Max. swing over bed 355mm (14")
Spindle Speeds 95-3950rpm
Taper 2 Morse Taper
Spindle Thread M33x3.5
Weight 48kg Legs are to be filled with Sand to add additional weight and stability


SC3 Geared Scroll Chuck Package with 87 mm (3 1/2") Faceplate, 1" x 8 TPI, M33 x 3.5 ISO

  • Pin Jaws with 9mm bore
  • Standard Jaws 35 mm (2”)
  • Standard Jaws 50 mm (2”)
  • Remounting Jaws up to 295mm bowl
  • Glue-on bowl mounting plates with M33 nut

Safety Equipment

Emergency Stop Button

There is a Emergency Stop button on top of the motor controller to the left hand side of the lathe if you are standing at the front facing the lathe. By pressing this button the motor will be turned off and the spindle will slow to a stop. To reset the red "top hat" of the button must be rotated clockwise a short distance until the "top hat" springs up. If it does not rotate, then it is likely that the Emergency stop button has not been activated and the fault maybe elsewhere.

Emergency Stop Button Location

Spindle Lock

There is a Spindle Lock that is a mechanical stop that prevents the Spindle and your work rotating.

Spindle Lock Location