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Axminister 10BSB02 10" Cast Iron table saw

The table saw is not currently access controlled but is one of the few items in the shop which is extremely dangerous to use without the proper training.


The 10" table saw is on loan from a member and should not be modified. If you see anything wrong with its condition please contact a trustee.

The saw is powered by a 2.2kw single phase 230v motor. The blade is a 254mm 30mm bore. It can be tilted up to 45'

The manual can be found here manual.pdf


There are a number of safety features fitted to the saw which should only be removed in certain circumstances and should always be replaced. To remove a safety feature and not replace it after use is a notable offence. In any situation you are removing the riving knife, a trustee must be contacted.

Safety Features

Stop switch - must never be removed. There is a flap on the stop switch that must not be removed. This ensures in an emergency that the saw can be switched off easily.

Riving Knife - the purpose of the riving knife is to prevent kickback. There is only one situation in woodworking a riving knife would need to be removed. Before removing the riving knife you must contact a trustee.

Blade guard - this is to prevent people accidently touching the blade or catching wood on it. If you need to do a cut which requires the blade guard to be removed please ensure it goes back on for the next user.

Locking wheels - please ensure the wheels are locked when cutting.