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Tool Library

Tools at the hackspace cannot be lent out, with the exception of those tools donated to the tool library.

Many tools are bought for occasional jobs and lie dormant in your garage, shed or under your stairs. The tool library is to provide common tools you can borrow at no charge.

Members can borrow tools at any time (as they have no restrictions in access) but must return them the following Tuesday.

The public can borrow tools on Tuesdays from 8pm and must return them the following Tuesday. It may be possible to borrow tools at other times with arrangement through the discord.

Please use the book out sheet leaving your name, mobile/email, what borrowed & when.

Tools are used at your own risk, they will be visually inspected before and after loans. You are responsible for your own PPE due to corona virus concerns.

Tools available

Tools available
Tool Description Date added Comments
12v battery charger 12v battery charger for car/bike batteries 24/02/2023
Angle Grinder 115mm Angle grinder with two diamond brick disks 24/02/2023
Angle Grinder 115mm Angle grinder with no discs 24/02/2023
Apple Scratter Apple scratter for cider making 24/02/2023
Apple Press Apple press for cider making 24/02/2023
Chisels & sharpening stone Chisels & sharpening stone set 24/02/2023
Electrical Soldering & Wiring set Large electric soldering gun, soldering iron, solder, wire strippers and electrical screwdrivers. 24/02/2023
Electric Soldering Gun Electric Soldering Gun 24/02/2023
Electric Wiring set Electric wiring set, strippers with screwdrivers & other accessories 24/02/2023
Electric Planer Bosch PHO 100 450w Electric Planer for use on wood/plastic 24/02/2023
Foot Pump Single barrel footpump 24/02/2023
Hand riveter set Hand "pop" rivet set 24/02/2023
Large toolbox Screwdrivers, spanners & pliers, selection of plumbing wrenches, bike tools (chain tools etc), allen keys, hammer etc. 24/02/2023
Mobile Drill Press corded electric drill with collapsing drill press, full set of bits etc. 24/02/2023
Power Devil Circular saw Power Devil Circular saw 24/02/2023
Power Devil Mitre Saw Compact Mitre Saw 24/02/2023
Rotary Tool Set Full rotary tool set with lots of accessories 24/02/2023
Rotary tool set Small selection of accessories, wired. 24/02/2023
Sheet sander Corded sheet sander with extra dead spiders in it. 24/02/2023
Small toolbox Screwdrivers, spanners, pliers, allen keys, hammer etc 24/02/2023
Drills Erbauer Cordless drill and impact driver 21/11/2023
Drills Erbauer Cordless SDS Plus Drill 21/11/2023
Router Erbauer Electric Router 21/11/2023
Multitool Erbauer Brushless Multi-tool 21/11/2023
Angle Grinder Erbauer Brushless Cordless Angle Grinder 21/11/2023
Jigsaw Erbauer Brushless Cordless Jigsaw 21/11/2023
Circular Saw Erbauer Cordless Circular Saw 21/11/2023
Orbit Sander Erbauer Cordless Random Orbit Sander 21/11/2023
Belt Sander Erbauer Cordless Belt Sander 21/11/2023
Level Magnusson Self Levelling Laser Tool 21/11/2023
Saw Horses Stanley Metal Saw Horse 21/11/2023
Plunge Saw Erbauer Electric Plunge Saw 21/11/2023
Reciprocating Saw Wired Recipricating Saw 21/11/2023
Biscuit Jointer Erbauer Electric Biscuit Jointer 21/11/2023
IR Camera FLIR C5 IR Camera 21/11/2023 Out 21/11/23
Chop Saw Evolution Wired 210mm Mitre/Chop Saw 21/11/2023
Plunge Saw Rails Evolution 1.4/2.8m extendable rails (compatible with Erbauer Plunge Saw 21/11/2023
Induction heater 1000W Ductor Magnetic Induction Heater Kit for Automotive Flameless Heat 10 Coil 21/11/2023
Tile Cutter Tile Cutter 21/11/2023

Tools wanted

  • 15/22mm pipe rotary tool cutter

Tools to be sorted

  • Palm Router