Triton Planer

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Triton TPT125 Desktop Planer


1100w, double sided twin blade design.

Requires dust collector to be manually put on with each use (two screws, dust collector on top of planer and has allen key attached to machine. Please undo/replace after use)

lifting instructions

Do not lift by bar, lift by cup handles either side of the planer.

Operation instructions

It is best operated by two people, one on either side, one to catch the outfeed and the other to feed.

Start by lifting the mechanism with the screw handle so the work piece can go through without hitting the blades. Adjust by 1/4 turns of the handle until a small amount of material is removed. If the item is thinner than the bed, do not put it through the same point each time to reduce wear on specific points of the blade.

The height guide is consistently out/inaccurate so do not use that to judge thickness. Use calipers or similar to ascertain thickness. Measure thickness at the middle of the board as there is likely snipe (see below section if you don't know what snipe is) at start/end of boards.

reclaimed wood

Please do not put wood that has harboured nails through the jointer. If you wish to do this, please purchase a spare set of blades for your own use, they are approximately £15 from eBay.


This planer is relatively good for snipe, however the start and end of the boards will likely have 3-5" of snipe. Either plane to final thickness and allow enough at either end for snipe, or use two sacrificial boards at either end of expensive wood. There are plenty of youtube videos if you search for "reducing planer snipe" on how to do this (mostly people don't know what snipe actually is or what it is called, hence this section)