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VCarve Pro Makerspace Edition is available for all paid members of the East Essex Hackspace.

This version will allow you to download and install VCarve Pro Makerspace Edition on to your laptop without having to pay for an individual license. You are then able to make designs at home or in the space. But you will only be able to use any saved files on the CNC or Laser cutter at the hackspace. Do not use the generic VCarve Pro Trial download you will not be able to register it to our Hackspace ID, you must use the link on this page.

To get the Licence

As a paid up member, join discord and type `!eeh vcarve` from #general/#CNC/#Member-chat and you will be messaged the licence key.


Further detailed instructions are available here:

Install tips 22/12/2023

On the Hackspace Discord, TomR found that the download had 'expired' due to not being updated for some time and would refuse to install. This seems like an oversight on the part of the publisher as the licence should still be valid. TomR found a workaround.

For anyone struggling with installing the Makerspace Client version of VCarve Pro, I've found a workaround to get a properly licensed version running:

  • Download the latest version of VCarve that has a Makerspace version (V11), which can be found here:
  • Do not install the latest VCarve Pro V11.5 from Vectric's website, it has not been updated with a Makerspace edition and will not be compatible with the hackspace.
  • Go to your Windows Date & Time settings and change "Set the time automatically" to off, then change the date manually back one year (December 2022 worked for me). This is needed to stop the software from producing an "out of date" error when launched. I had also disconnected from the internet prior to installation, which may not be necessary but could prevent the program from connecting to a server that would throw the "out of date" error.
  • Install VCarve Pro V11 and enter the license key from the hackspace bot in the "Help -> About" toolbar menu.
  • The bot will DM you a key after using the command !eeh vcarve in the Discord server.
  • Restart VCarve Pro V11 when prompted and check that the "About" section now displays "VCarve Pro Makerspace Client" as the edition.
  • You can now re-enable "Set the time automatically" in the system settings and reconnect to the internet. Once the Makerspace Client is installed it will no longer give a "out of date" error and you can use the program as normal.