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The wazer was the result of a combination of membership subscription fees grant from the Essex Community Foundation and a fundraising from the former chair of Rochford District Council, Cllr Julie Gooding.

The Wazer is used to cut things that cannot be cut in the much larger laser cutter.

It is worth checking that this is the optimum tool in accuracy and cost for your material. Whilst it can cut things like acrylic, either the CNC or laser may be more cost effective.

The machine costs £15ph for use and this covers wear on the bed, nozzle and the use of the supplied alluvial garnet which is quite expensive (You're cutting with tiny river rounded gem stones that can only be used once)

Materials that can be cut include:

- Most metals at varying thicknesses (inc titanium which cannot be cut on the CNC or via plasma due to toxicity) - Plastics (including polycarb which cannot be cut in the laser due to its refractive index & HDPE) - Carbon fibre and Fibreglass - Ceramics / Porcelain / Tiles - Glass / Borosilicate - Vinyl (Creates poisoness fumes) - Silicone / Foam /

Instructions for use / induction

Please read the instructions for use prior to the induction (Page 64 onwards)

Please leave the lid up when finished as this ensures the mechanics are not in a constantly humid atmosphere which will cause corrosion over time.

Pre setup

Gently & slowly move the cutting head back/forth to the sides to ensure it moves freely. If it feels difficult to move, put the machine out of service and report to discord.


  • - Check waste hoppers are empty and the machine is clean. If not please clean and report to discord.
  • - Close the tank drain valve
  • - Fill to the height of the cutting bed with fresh water
  • - Top up abrasive
  • - Turn on the wazer using the switch under the machine by the right front leg.
  • - Twist the estop so it pops up


  • - Remove SD card and load new file to it and replace into machine.
  • - Secure workpiece and set height using lid of wazer head
  • - Follow instructions on screen

If water is hitting the lid after piercing, you are not cutting and should stop the cutting.

finish up

  • - Clean the machine down so no abrasive is present on any of the components. Specifically check the rubber covers over the X/Y axis.
  • - Turn off the wazer by using the e-stop and turning off the switch present under the front right leg.
  • - Remove any fixing screws used to secure your material to the bed.
  • - Empty used abrasive into the white bucket.
  • - Open the tank drain to empty the resevoir.

Common faults

Abrasive pouring out of the bottom of the solnoid

PPE warning: wear glasses Abrasive blockage most likely in the pipe leading to the head. Disconnect both ends and use the small air compressor to blow out the wet abrasive. If this still does not work, empty the hopper and use the aircompressor to check the abrasive has not got damp and has blocked the solnoid.

banging from the pump

Water pressure too high. This may break the orifice. These are £300 so stop what you are doing(!)

abrasive emptying out under machine

Hose is either blocked or the insert has been pushed in too far. Ensure abrasive hose is set correctly (will be shown this in induction)

picture of the abrasive hose inserted into the rubber cowl which affixes to the solnoid valve under the feed hoppers.

Click on the image above

nb, when blowing compressed air from the air compressor, it is best to disconnect this hose and use it to blow air through the hose only when the end attached to the cutting head has also been removed.

does not home

Abrasive not cleaned off by previous user and bellows are too stiff or thick with sludge to compress. Use hose to wash down all bellows.

does not home after abrasive cleaned off

Mark out of service and call maintainer

Wazer reports "close lid"

Magnetic reed switch in lid not triggering. Clear abrasive from door area and ensure lid is close enough to right hand side where sensor is (will show in induction)

Wazer screen does register SD card

Ensure SD card is ejected properly in windows or unmounted in Linux/Macs otherwise it will remain locked or read as corrupted

Wazer does not turn on

Ensure e-stop and switch are both in the on position. If both are correct, check the ip65 rated plug box adjacent to machine. If all are on, check water level, it must be level with bed for screen to switch on.

Wazer reports too full & empty

follow process for reducing/increasing water level


Troubleshooting & Maintenance Tips


The software is cloud based and requires DXF or SVG to generate code.



Cut area 305x460mm
Bed sized 330x485mm
Kerf 1.2mm
Abrasive Rate: 0.15kg/m
Max Speed: 1,500 mm/min
Positional Accuracy: 0.08 mm
Continuous cutting time 60mins between refills of abrasive hopper.
Hopper Capacity 13.5 kg
Abrasive used: 80 Mesh Alluvial Garnet

Cuts metal, glass, plastic, composites, tile, rubber, foam

Material Cut List Thickness and cutting speed