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Wazer Waterjet.png

The wazer was the result of a combination of membership subscription fees grant from the Essex Community Foundation and a fundraising from the former chair of Rochford District Council, Cllr Julie Gooding.

The Wazer is used to cut things that cannot be cut in the much larger laser cutter.

Instructions for use / induction

Please read the instructions for use prior to the induction (Page 64 onwards)

Common faults

banging from the pump

Water pressure too high. This may break the orifice. These are £300 so stop what you are doing.

abrasive emptying out under machine

Hose is either blocked or the insert has been pushed in too far. Ensure abrasive hose is set correctly (will be shown this in induction)


Troubleshooting & Maintenance Tips


The software is cloud based and requires DXF or SVG to generate code.



Cut area 305x460mm
Bed sized 330x485mm
Kerf 1.2mm
Abrasive Rate: 0.15kg/m
Max Speed: 1,500 mm/min
Positional Accuracy: 0.08 mm
Continuous cutting time 60mins between refills of abrasive hopper.
Hopper Capacity 13.5 kg
Abrasive used: 80 Mesh Alluvial Garnet

Cuts metal, glass, plastic, composites, tile, rubber, foam

Material Cut List Thickness and cutting speed