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Welding at the space

Welding at the space is a non trival endeavour specifically due to the risk of fire and the unsuitability of the metalshop for such activities. Welding cannot take place inside due to a lack of sufficient filtration and the ceiling material being MDF. For this reason, welding can only take place outside and we hold hotworks insurance to enable to do this.

Hackspace specific information

Activity to take place outside the social space. Due to this, inclement weather may limit your ability to work. Do not be tempted to weld indoors.


We supply gloves in a range of sizes (S,M,L,XL,XXL), two automatic face shields, welding curtains and a leather apron. For the avoidance of doubt, you should be fully covered with non flammable clothing. There are buckets which should be filled with fresh clean water and put within the vicinity of your welding in case of burns or cooling hot work pieces.


Induction to cover:

  • safe handling of tools and machinery outside
  • fixing of the welding curtains to the hang points & protection of other space users and the general public
  • safe handing & storage of argon gas from gas cage
  • drying of welding rods
  • safe use & testing of automatic face shields
  • ensuring the area is clear and tidy
  • method of working
  • safe use & setup of tool - demonstrate safe operation (on/off) of machinery & wearing appropriate PPE.
  • basic use of tool including proper earthing
  • safe selection of materials and materials not to weld (galvanised material risk of death)
  • cleanup

Prior to commencement

  • Ensure your space is clear and tidy
  • Welding curtains are in place & welding light is not visible, safe errection of signs and 2nd member to act as spotter.
  • PPE is correctly worn and all skin is covered from harmful UV generated by welding
  • ensure gas is correctly attached and maintains pressure (turn off bottle after pressurisation and see if pressure drops)


  • all tools and PPE are safely returned to the metalshop and put away properly
  • gas is returned and the bottle weighed, gas and cage is secured using the locks.
  • inform trustees if gas is empty.

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