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General Info

The Hackspace has two CO2 tube laser cutters, which are excellent tools for making accurate, repeatable, cuts in sheet material. They will cut and 'engrave' many thin woods and plastics, see the page for each cutter for the exact specifications. None of our cutters will cut metal, but the Hackspace aspires to obtain a CNC plasma cutter which will.

Laser Cutting Resources

Name URL Category Cost Description
3axis Library Free Large selection of vector files aimed at being laser cut. Generator Free It features both finished parametrized generators as well as a Python API for writing your own.
GrabCAD Library Free Huge repository of 3D models, some suitable for laser cutting.
Make A Box Generator Free Create simple tabbed/notched boxes.
MakerCase Generator Free Box creator - basic, polygon and kerf bent box generator.
Noun Project Library Free Free icons and royalty-free images.
Ponoko Library Free Ready-to-use laser cutting design templates and customize it to fit your needs, whether it's electronics enclosures, faceplates, or anything in between.
Library Free Massive repository of mainly 3D printable designs - the three linked tags will help narrow down to laser cutter projects.
Vecteezy Library Free/Paid Professional quality resources
Vector Ruler Generator Generator Free Download a laser cuttable ruler to etch into your belongings and belts.
ZenziWerken Library Free DIY-projects that are aimed at desktop CNC, many can be used on a laser cutter.