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General Info

The Metal Workshop has tools and equipment for working with metal and other harder materials.

At present there is no hot works allowed inside, however we have a mobile welding bench which can be rolled outside. We have welding curtains (which may not be very helpful during very windy days) which can be used to protect the public & an electronic welding helmet to protect your little peepers.

Whilst none of the metalshop is access controlled, please do not use any of the equipment without induction. Ask on the discord if you need some help getting started or walked through the machines even if you've been a machinist all your life.

Tools & Equipment

Fixed Power Tools

Portable Power Tools


  • Metal workbench
  • Mobile Welding Bench
  • Welding Curtains
  • Electronic Welding Mask

Odds n' Sods

  • Flattening plate - don't store stuff on it!
  • Gas Forge
  • Unhardened Anvil with hardy hole
  • Railway steel anvils

Hand Tools

  • Machinist precision tools from the apollo rocket builds (yes the 1960's ones)

Materials - good shop, easy to contact and get quotes for materials (or pay online) and delivers to residential addresses.