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General Info

The wood workshop

The Woodshop mostly contains tools and equipment for working with wood and other soft materials.


During the cold months, please leave the woodshop heater plugged in, with only the left switch "on" and the time in the middle.

You are welcome to set it to always on whilst you use the shop but _please_ remember to turn it back, it costs 45p an hour to run in this mode.

Please return it back to the original state as shown beside this section:

Used Material

Warning Warning:Tools at the space should not be used with 2nd hand wood unless you are prepared to take ownership of replacing the blades.

Cleaning up

Please use the black sack dispenser to take your rubbish home with you.

If you do not wish to do this, please help us by pouring a concrete slab for the rubbish disposal service we can afford but cannot place a bin for yet!

Tools & equipment

Fixed power tools

Portable power tools

  • Router
  • Circular Saws
  • Jigsaw (Black and decker old style, standard blades)


Hand tools